I Finally Set Up a Patreon

Hello Internet!

So, after months of struggling with myself, I finally set up a Patreon account.

The good news: I want to provide early access to my books in the form of chapters, and to also write short stories set in the universe of my books (Frith Chronicles, Star Marque, etc.) and I want people to enjoy them!

The real news: I want to advertise my books to a wider audience, and that costs money. I’m hoping that the content and early access will be a suitable “thank you” for helping me achieve this.

The reason I wrestled with myself over creating a Patreon is because I grew up poor and in a white trash environment. I know that, for some people, money is a precious commodity that is fought over and struggled for. What right do I have to ask for money from people? Why would anyone want to help me build my career?

I’ve spoken to several authors, and read several articles on how Patreon can help artists build up a platform. Everyone says my hangup is in my head: people want to help artists they enjoy, and I should graciously accept their help if they’re willing to offer it.

So, here I am. I made a Patreon, and from here on out, I want to build a bigger and better author career, and if you’re willing to help, I want to provide extra content for you to enjoy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts! And thank you so very much for reading my books and/or visiting my site, just to see what I have to offer. It means the world.

2 thoughts on “I Finally Set Up a Patreon

  1. We love your books and want to support you, patreon is a perfect way to do that. I normally use kindle unlimited for reading, however, for your books I’ve actually emailed you and bought signed copies because I wanted to support you and have physical books that were signed. Thanks for giving us more options to support you.

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    1. Thank you so much, Nicholas! It really does mean the world to know people are enjoying my stories. I really appreciate the comment and the support. You’ve made my day. Just–thank you so much! ❤


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