5 Ways to Make a Character Likeable

Let me clarify: we’re not talking about “good” or “moral” characters—we’re talking about characters that readers will enjoy seeing on the page. Sometimes that means the character is good and virtuous, but other times a character can fell into the category of “likeable douchebag.”

Cover for Dread Pirate Arcanist

I’m super excited to say that the cover for Knightmare Arcanist #2 (titled DREAD PIRATE ARCANIST) is now finished! We’re getting closer to release and I can’t wait to get it out there. Because I loved the cover so much, I figured I would share it with everyone!

Novel Word Counts

Have you ever wondered how many words your books are? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring writer, and you want to know how long a book should be in your genre? Either way, I have some answers and insight!