Youtube Book Reviews

You may not be aware, but there’s a community on Youtube centered around books. They cleverly call this community “Booktube,” and it’s meant for people to make video reviews of books, participate in book-reading games, or just generally talk about what they like in stories.

As an author, it’s SUPER humbling to have any of my books make it into this discussion community, and recently it’s happened a couple times. I know famous authors (like Stephen King, Sarah J Maas, and Brandon Sanderson) have hundreds of video reviews on their novels, but my excitement can’t wait for that achievement. A couple of videos is enough for me to get hyper – I need to share them with the world!

If you enjoy my stuff, please consider giving these videos a like and a watch. They’re pretty great!

He has such a great voice!!
An amazing reviewer you should definitely be following!! xD

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