Special Effects in Audiobooks

Although Coliseum Arcanist’s audiobook still hasn’t been released, that doesn’t mean I intend to stop working on Plague Arcanist’s!

Fortunately, I’m working with a professional–Brian Wiggins is always trying to innovate. He sends me samples of sound effects or voices, and I weigh in on whether one is better than the other (including, once, the accent of the Dread Pirate Calisto. Fun fact, true fact: during the first re-through, he sounded Irish!)

Today I was hoping to get multiple opinions. I have beta listeners (shout out to them, they know who they are) but that doesn’t mean I don’t like more input. Below are two sound effects–when Volke and Luthair merge, their voice becomes “one.” The first time Brian did this, I thought it was epic! Now he’s presented a newer version.

Which do you think is better? Honest opinions, please!

The first time it was used in Knightmare Arcanist:


I know one is longer than the other. Besides that, I love the second effect. I think it’s fancy-face. o.o

One thought on “Special Effects in Audiobooks

  1. Just wanted to say, love the books and audio-books. I’ve just gotten through Coliseum Arcanist and it was amazing, can’t wait for the Plague Arcanist audio-book to be released, dying to know what’s next for Volke. I think both versions are really cool but personally I prefer the new version which adds the echo like sound, it feels a bit more coherent than the original and feels like it adds a bit more depth to me

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