Opening Lines

They say the opening line to a novel is one of the most important sentences in the whole book. It’s meant to hook, intrigue, and simultaneously convey the tone of the story. I’m always trying to nail those three aspects. Sometimes I think I get it right, but other times… not so much.

The following lines are openings from my novels. Which ones are the most interesting, I wonder?

Geist made an art of stealth.

Company of Monsters (Ethereal Squadron #2)

The dregs of Capital Station gathered for their blood sport, and I was more than happy to give them a show.

Star marque Rising

Getting hit with a wrench hurts.

Vice city

I outlined a fresh grave for the cemetery as bells rang from the isle’s tower, signifying the start of the celebrations.

knightmare Arcanist

The machine gun fire wouldn’t last forever.

Ethereal Squadron

Who knew the ascension to heaven would be so painful?

divining dragons

I snuck into the silver mines through a hidden fissure in the rocks, my heart beating against my ribs as I slid from one shadow to the next.

the half-life empire

Enforcer captains gathered in the mines of Vectin-10 to bid on the latest assignments, and I planned on winning at least one of them.

Star Marque Vendetta (Star marque #2)

My sister, Malala, enjoys sports like she enjoys life, with unrestrained enthusiasm and lots of shouting.

Modern Gladiator

Every morning before breakfast, I draw a major arcana card from an old tarot deck my grandmother gave me.

Justice of the eclipse

For the last seven days, Alexander Kellan could feel the same set of eyes watching him, no matter his destination.

Dread nexus

A lot of crime happens around railroad tracks.

Vice enforcer (Vice City #2)

Matthew’s anger slowly drifted to the back of his mind, pacing behind his surface thoughts like a ravenous wolf waiting for its chance to strike.

queen’s water academy

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