My Brother in Prison

So, for those of you unaware, I have a younger brother who recently went to prison. This is technically his second trip, and both times it was because he was caught selling meth.

My brother and I aren’t that close. He’s 7 years younger than I am and went to live in Texas many years ago. He’s still my brother, though. You can’t pick family. He sent me a letter recently, asking for help once he gets out so he can finally kick the meth habit. I thought he would ask for money–that’s the standard, right?–but he wanted to know about religious groups and facilities. I reached out to a few people and actually got some good recommendations.

I wrote him back and sent him a copy of my novel (since he didn’t really know I had become an author). Then he wrote me back. I’ve posted the letter down below, just in case anyone was curious. He seems very upbeat, focused, and ready to do good things with this life, which I find hopeful.

I want to send him more books in the future, and not just my own. What do you think would be good? I want to stick to fiction (though I may send him a math book, based on what he said in the letter). What’s a good fiction (fantasy/sci-fi genre) that would entertain someone? Maybe inspire or really get someone thinking about the big picture?

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