Updated the Website

Things look different now, but hopefully for the best.

First off, WordPress updated itself. It uses “blocks” now, which help format content, but it’s very restrictive. A layout with a picture and text next to it requires the picture to be anchored in place, not matter what you’re doing with your text.

Also, now every paragraph is its own block. I don’t mind that, per se, but I hate the last of font options for the “visibility” side of editing. Sure, I can edit in HTML, but that’s no fun. And I hate looking up the HTML codes for word formatting. -_-

I’m probably just lazy, though. It does make the website look nice.

Oh! And I’ve put new pictures and links everywhere. Neat, right? I also found out that searchability for a website is connected to how many internal links you have. So a website that links to other portions of the website, is more likely to get spotted by Google than website without that.

Weird, right?

Oh, and here’s a writing meme. Enjoy!