Even More Rejection Letters

So the sad reality is, rejection is part of the publishing game.

It took a while to get an agent. I knew before I wrote my first query letter, I would get rejected–everyone does. But once I landed an agent (which was super exciting!) I kinda figured rejection letters would be a thing of the past.

Foolish me, right?

To my chagrin,  getting an agent is just one step in the long walk that is traditional publishing. Now my agent sends his own query letters to editors–query letters about my book. They read the novel and then write back, just like the agent step before.

And trust me, there’s another bus-load of rejections waiting at this step. Even though my agent loves my manuscript, he has to convince an editor that it’s worth publishing. Yesterday I woke up to a publisher (one of the large fantasy/sci-fi guys, I won’t list them here because that’s just tacky) responded this about my latest work:

“I found the pacing and action scenes compelling, but I didn’t love the worldbuilding, and thought the project a little less original than I’d hoped for.”

Like I’ve mentioned before on this blog–rejection hurts. I know it’s all subjective, and perhaps someone will like my novel in the future, but after a while, seeing the negative grates on the soul. It bummed me out, to say the least.

But I’m going to keep my head high and soldier on (and write another book or two in the meantime!). It’s important to stay optimistic–if I give up now every step I made before will be for nothing. But I did want to share my experiences.

If you’ve run into a similar situation, know you aren’t alone! (I’m sure there are tons of others dealing with the same thing as well).

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