Grandmaster Arcanist Release Date!

Hey peeps!

It’s me, Shami! And I’m here to tell you the release of Grandmaster Arcanist! It will hit bookshelves Jan 26th, 2023.

I know! I said I wanted it out before the end of 2022, but I did move states (forgive me, it ate more of my time than I thought) and I did get super sick (that fever!) and I lost too much time to do the book justice. I need to make sure it’s perfect!


It will have lots of artwork. This whole book is going to be filled with drawings and notes for all the god-creautres, as well as a bunch of other cool additions. I hope you’re excited!

Here are some of them!

12 thoughts on “Grandmaster Arcanist Release Date!

  1. Hello, I wanted to write this message and let you know how much I appreciate your work. I randomly found the Frith booms and I fell in love from page 1 I love your writing style. And once I read grandmaster in a couple days I’ll be reading the rest of your books as I’m confident I’ll love them. Thank you fir sharing.

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    1. Thank you for reaching out! I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the novels. It really helps because I’m always super nervous around releases! This made my day. I hope you enjoy Jan 26th!


      1. Excited for that but also sad! 😅 Think you’ll ever do any spinoff or standalone books or others in the world? Such a fun world you’ve created!

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