1984 was Published 70 Years Ago Today

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (often written as 1984) was published 70 years ago today. And while it was seen a dystopian future world back then, it surprisingly resembles modern times more than ever.

In the novel, “Big Brother” punishes people for thoughtcrimes and not conforming to what the government deems suitable. The novel even goes so far as to force people into narratives they know to be false (as demonstrated by “teaching” individuals that 2 + 2 = 5). See, it wasn’t about thinking for yourself–it was about doing what The Party told you to do NO MATTER WHAT because it was FOR EVERYONE’S GOOD.

Sounds familiar…

More and more, modern societies have a culture of “you better watch what you think–because if it’s contrary to our opinion, we’ll destroy your whole life.” If you ask DigitalTrends, it’s because Trump is making us all conform. If you look at groups like Antifa, you’ll see they beat anyone who holds the wrong opinion. Each side of the isle is so ready to scream THEY’RE THE CONFORMISTS that real life is starting to look like a parody of itself.

The novel 1984 may be more relevant than ever, especially when it comes to freedom of speech issues. Then again, perhaps I’m over thinking all of this. After all, we are living the freest, most populist, and healthiest time in all world history. Our petty squabbles are the product of a peaceful life devoid of terrible plagues, famine, and world-ending drought.

Cool, I guess?

So why aren’t more people happy? It may be a question too difficult to tackle in a simple blog post. Instead, perhaps you should check out 1984 and draw your own conclusions. It’s a classic for a reason.