Review: “Vice Enforcer” by S.A Stovall

A 5 Star review for my novel, VICE ENFORCER. It’s beautiful. ;_;


TITLE: Vice Enforcer
AUTHOR: S.A Stovall
SERIES: Vice City
PUBLISHER: DSP Publications
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
GENRE: Mystery/Suspense; Polar
LENGTH: 250 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $12.74 -paperback


Holding on to a life worth living can be hard when the nightmares of the past come knocking.
Eight months ago, Nicholas Pierce, ex-mob enforcer, faked his death and assumed a new identity to escape sadistic mob boss Jeremy Vice. With no contacts outside the underworld, Pierce finds work with a washed-up PI. It’s an easy enough gig—until investigating a human trafficking ring drags him back to his old stomping grounds.
Miles Devonport, Pierce’s partner, is top of his class at the police academy while single-handedly holding his family together. But when one lieutenant questions Pierce’s past and his involvement…

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