This is the page where I’ll leave reviews of my work. Well, the good reviews of my work that make the long hours of writing worthwhile. Constructive reviews can remain on whatever site hosts them (trust me, I read them all).

Praise for Vice City!

“5 Stars”

Some Random Dude on Goodreads


“To say the characterization was good would be like saying I love reading. It’s a gross understatement… Overall, I loved every inch of it.”

Divine Magazine


“As a lover of noir and crime fiction, I highly recommend this first book in what will hopefully be a very long and satisfying series.”

The Novel Approach Reviews


“I am a sucker for a hard hearted fella finding and fighting for love. Especially when help comes from so many unexpected sides.”

Jesse G Books


“This was a super intense, high energy story that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was definitely not ready to be finished with this world or these characters and can’t wait for the next installment.”

Love Bytes Reviews


“If you like super intense stories full of very realistic violence and brutality of all kinds, if you want to see how two men fight their pasts, fate, and cruel enemies to be free of others telling them what to do, and if you’re looking for a thrilling mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you will probably like this novel.”

Rainbow Book Reviews


“just awesome.”

Another Random Dude on Goodreads (But seriously, this is one of my favorites! That’s the whole review)


“I think it is the beginnings of something great. I surely hope that there will be further books in the series.”

Random Dude from Goodreads


“A wonderfully rendered crime thriller with characters filled with quirks and problems. I loved the plot. It was very engaging and suspenseful. It kept me turning pages until the very end!”

BB Swann (Fellow Author)


“Another thing I loved about this book is the strong tone set from the first page. If you’re in the mood for a violent Noir Crime Fiction then I’d suggest picking this one up.”

It’s All About the Book Reviews


“Finding out how this all played out for Pierce kept me turning pages (way too) late into the night!

Virginia Jacobs (Fellow Author)


“It therefore goes without saying that I look forward to trudging the dark and dangerous streets once more in the company of Pierce and his protege/lover Miles.”

Some Random Dude on Goodreads


Stovall has taken a classic crime story and twisted it in new and unexpected ways. Every page promises a new surprise.

Ralph Walker (Fellow Author)


“The book is full of colourful and dangerous underworld characters. From the undertaker with a basement full of rats and dead bodies to the mob boss’ son who needs rescuing from a cult, I loved the diverse cast of morally depraved characters.”

Wicked Reads

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