Knightmare Arcanist

Book I of the Frith Chronicles!

The Nexus Games

Book I of the Nexus Games Series!

Star Marque Rising Won the Cygnus Award!

Best Space Opera 2019!

The 2019 CYGNUS BOOK Awards First Place Category Winners and the CYGNUS Grand Prize Winner were announced on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at the Virtual Chanticleer Authors Conference that was broadcast on the VCAC20 ZOOM webinar.

This is the OFFICIAL 2019 LIST of the CYGNUS BOOK AWARDS First Place Category Winners and the CYGNUS Grand Prize Winner. Congratulations to all!

Alternate History / Time Travel: Tim Cole – Insynnium   

Apocalyptic/Dystopian: J. I. Rogers – The Korpes Agenda

Hard Science Fiction:  Jacques St-Malo – Cognition

Space Opera:    Shami Stovall – Star Marque Rising   

Soft Sci-Fi/Young Adult – Rey Clark – Titan Code Series: Dawn of Genesis

Speculative Fiction:   Paul Werner – Mustang Bettie 

Science Fiction:  Robert M. Kerns – It Ain’t Over…

Praise for Dread Pirate Arcanist!

“The magical world, which is fit to bursting with every conceivable mystical creature, has been written with an impressive sweep and brilliance. I loved every word, every sentence, every syllable. Dread Pirate Arcanist is a brilliant novel from start to finish.”

Coffee Pot Book Club

“I would liken Stovall’s “Frith Chronicles” to those of the “Harry Potter” series, the “Maze Runner” series, or the “Percy Jackson” series. The style of her writing really makes you feel for the characters… I would recommend this series to both younger and older adults who enjoy the adventure of fantasy, and following a well thought out story of good versus evil, with all the other emotions thrown in for the ride.”

Seattle Book Review

“With a thoroughly satisfying ending that hints at an incredible future for the series, Dread Pirate Arcanist is an unequivocal triumph.”


“With the easy flair and originality of a veteran author, Stovall delivers a highly complex plot in the form of a tremendously engrossing adventure. YA fantasy lovers will find it hard to wait for the next installment.”

The Prairies Book Review

Illia and Nicholin – two of the main characters!

Praise for Knightmare Arcanist!


“With a novelist intuition for what hooks young adults and keeps them reading and a narrative that is as boisterous as it was exciting, Knightmare Arcanist has a lot to recommend it. Stovall has not only penned an enthralling book, that is filled to the brim with magic, mythical creatures and heroism, but it is also one that is next to impossible to put down.”

Coffee Pot Book Club

Knightmare Arcanist by Shami Stovall was rollicking good fun! Perfect for those who enjoy the Codex Alera series, the Homas Wildus series and the Harry Potter series. Stovall is quickly becoming a name I look for.

Seattle Book Review

“There’s so much good to say about this book. The characters are varied and engaging. The mystical creatures are also amazing. The plot is really interesting. This book was a joy to read – and I don’t say that about a lot of these books I get to review.”

Jo Lynn Gosnell Reviews

“A spellbinding first installment of what promises to be an addictive series, Shami Stovall has produced a mesmerizing story of magic, intrigue, and true adventure.”


“Volke carries readers into a darkly engrossing world with a passion that makes Knightmare Arcanist satisfyingly unique and hard to put down. Readers looking for a magic-based quest fantasy will find this story compelling and nicely written, with strong characters propelling action which is often unexpected and revealing.”

Midwest Book Review

“With corrupt white harts, magical ferrets, and a school on the back of a giant turtle, this held my attention all the way through. A fantastical read that I highly recommend. Absolutely brilliant.”


“Richly crafted and laced with wry humor and intriguing magic, Knightmare Arcanist is a page-turner. A novel that is sure to enhance Stovall’s reputation as a solid author. Highly recommended to fantasy fans.”

The Prairies Book Review

The protagonists, Volke & Luthair!

Praise for Star Marque Rising!

“Action fans will enjoy the violence and scheming that drive this story of guile and dark ambition.”

Publishers Weekly

“The best Sci-Fi book I’ve read in a long time.”

Kenneth Barrett

“A great read for any who are new or old fans of the space opera genre and a worthy addition to any with a science fiction library.

Portland Book Review

Tightly written, succinct, stunning, and at times moving, Star Marque Rising is a fascinating read… The pace of the book is fast and characterization thorough. Without elaborate wordplay, Stovall manages to communicate the humane side of her characters. The snappish relationships between Demarco and some crew members; Lysander and Sawyer on the Star Marque is wryly depicted, and various missions they attend to during their time on the star ship itself makes fascinating reading as both an action adventure and an intellectually stimulating premise. A thrilling read!”

The Prairies Book Review

“The protagonist has been so skillfully crafted that it’s impossible not to love him… Star Marque Rising is so much more than a traditional science fiction novel, and this is all due to Stovall’s skillful and creative writing. This shows true talent from the author to blend layered character development, action, and back stories without giving away too much of the plot at once; this novel is a truly captivating read. Even those who generally do not overly gravitate toward sci-fi will be hooked and left on the edge of their seat begging for more.

Entrada Reviews

“Stovall’s Star Marque Rising is to Moby Dick what House, MD is to Sherlock Holmes. At its core, Moby Dick is a story about obsession, and the destruction it can wreak, and so is Star Marque Rising. It trades the vastness of the ocean for the vastness of space and a mobile white whale for an elusive stationary governorship. Endellion, though, is every bit as ruthless and blindly obsessed as Ahab. The story ends with the possibility of a sequel, and I really hope we get one. I want to know where this story is going! Recommended for those who enjoy space opera/ sci-fi along the lines of Star Wars and Ender’s Game.”

San Francisco Book Review

Really good plot line, entertaining characters. Far better than most of the space operas around.


“Star Marque Rising is a fantastic sci-fi novel that I would recommend for fans of the Mass Effect video game series or similar.”

Beautifully Bookish Bethany

“[I’d give it] More than 5 Stars if I could.”

Shirley the Avid Reader

Praise for The Ethereal Squadron!

“I enjoyed reading this book immensely. It hit everything I look for in a book. There was a great story, all the characters even the support were enjoyable and well written.”

The Dystopian Shuffle

In tense, precise prose that skillfully conveys detailed descriptions, Stovall delivers this engrossing story of fantasy adventure with utmost precision. The Ethereal Squadron’s riveting fantasy world will fuel readers’ imaginations and leave them crave for the next book in the sequel.”

The Prairies Book Review

“The battles that the characters encounter are historically spot on and it’s clear that Stovall has done her homework. The world that she has created here feels real and foreboding. I got completely lost reading this story. For me that’s the highest praise possible. This is an interesting, exciting and addictive story that I would highly recommend to lovers of magic, war stories or fantasy.”

Buccaneer Blog

The strongest aspect, however, aside from the alternate historical setting, is the characters. Each character is a well realized individual, with different personalities, goals, responses, and abilities. Numerous characters, from lead characters like Geist, a troubled warrior unsure of her place but determined to do the right thing, to minor characters like Tinker, with his manic, almost mischievous personality, to villains like the insane Faulkner or the nearly unstoppable and egotistical Prince Leopold, populate this book. Most are quite memorable, and it makes there interactions and competition all the more fascinating.

Annie Reads

6 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. If you have a shorter story than “Weakness”, please send it to me.
    I would like to try my hand at narrating.
    I will send you a trial audio file.
    Then perhaps you can tell me if I am any good.

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  2. Hey Shami!
    I’ve been soo obsessed with the frith chronicles that it only took me a little more than a fortnight to finish the 7th book. I’m really excited to see Luthair’s return in the next book (if it happens, that is).
    But I looked up Grandmaster Arcanist on Goodreads. There it shows that it was published on 1st September or so but I am not able to find it anywhere as of yet. Has it come out already or not yet? If not then when?!

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    1. Whoever put the book up on Goodreads set that date, not me (sorry about that!) I’m working on the book right now, and I’m hoping it’ll be out soon. ❤ (And I'm so glad you enjoyed! That really makes my day.) IN the meantime, there is Academy Arcanist!


      1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! New firth chronicles book to read in 5 hours wooh, I get to keep reading the entire series 3 times a month!

        I love the writing style so, please, keep making these amazing books that are read more by 10-12 yo. kids like me!

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