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240 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. I love Warlord Arcanist, great book!! How manny book are left in the series? What is the grim reapers trial of worth? Do you think you would write another series in the same world as the frith guild?

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    1. Hey there! Glad you love the series! Really makes my day~
      The series will have 1-2 more books!
      The grim reaper’s trial of worth would be similar to a reaper’s–killing someone. o.o
      And yes, I think I will have a continuation series for sure.


      1. Are all the god creatures going to come into play in the series/ will the apoch dragon play any part in the series? Also what creatures is the autarch bonded too?


  2. 2 questions. 1. Have you had the whole series planned out since you started knightmare Arcanist, like with volke eventually becoming the world serpent arcanist, or have u developed the plot along the way? 2. I’ve seen the art that gets posted on your Patreon account and u was wondering if you, or someone else, could draw a knightmare arcanist mark?

    Thank you! Love the series

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    1. Hello there!
      (1) Yes, I did have the whole series planned out, including Volke becoming the World Serpent Arcanist. Some things get developed along the way (minor characters, subplots, etc.) but the big picture stuff is all the same.
      (2) I will attempt to get an artist who is good enough to get the mark done! I really want one as well. >.>


  3. 2 quick Patreon questions. 1: is there going to be an October short story? 2: is the build you own adventure going to have any effect on the later plot of any books?

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    1. 1. Yes, there will be! This month has a story with Zaxis. Should be up in a day or two!
      2. I haven’t decided yet. It depends on it goes. As long as the group doesn’t “fail,” of course. o.o


    1. I’m hoping to publish a good portion of it on Patreon before it hits Kindle (perhaps 20-40 chapters). This is the first time I’m posting chapters before the entire novel is completed. o.o


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