LA Festival of Books

Fun news! The publisher I’m with, DSP Publications, purchased a booth at the LA Festival of Books! The festival is free to attend and will be held at the USC campus!

Wisdom Teeth Removal + Writing

Just in case you didn’t know, I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple days ago. It was worse than a normal removal because my bottom teeth were sideways and the roots were hooked into my inferior alveolar nerve.

Writing an Intro

So after I went through and examined my opening lines, I decided to look at the next couple of paragraphs in each of my manuscripts. They say these are what agents and editors look at to determine if you’re good enough to publish (traditionally speaking).

Opening Lines

They say the opening line to a novel is one of the most important sentences in the whole book. It’s meant to hook, intrigue, and simultaneously convey the tone of the story.

My Brother in Prison

So, for those of you unaware, I have a younger brother who recently went to prison. This is technically his second trip, and both times it was because he was caught selling meth.