Artwork for Knightmare Arcanist

Like most authors, I like to imagine what the characters in my novels would look like if adapted for the silver screen. I’m sure most people imagine live-action, but I’m actually a huge fan of animation.

Which is why I’m super excited to bring you some fantasy artwork from my KNIGHTMARE ARCANIST series!

These are the two main characters: Volke and Luthair. Volke is from an island nation, and Luthair is a knightmare (a magical suit of armor, basically).

While this isn’t exactly how I imagined them in my head, it’s pretty close! In reality, Luthair should match Volke’s size, and the helmet shouldn’t be so… obstruct-y… but otherwise it’s pretty cool!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the artwork. Maybe I’ll look into getting art made of the other characters at some point. o.o

One thought on “Artwork for Knightmare Arcanist

  1. OMG love the art work!!! Please give us more.
    I can’t wait for the world serpent book, keep up the good work!!


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