Artwork for Knightmare Arcanist

Like most authors, I like to imagine what the characters in my novels would look like if adapted for the silver screen. I’m sure most people imagine live-action, but I’m actually a huge fan of animation.

Which is why I’m super excited to bring you some fantasy artwork from my KNIGHTMARE ARCANIST series!

These are the two main characters: Volke and Luthair. Volke is from an island nation, and Luthair is a knightmare (a magical suit of armor, basically).

While this isn’t exactly how I imagined them in my head, it’s pretty close! In reality, Luthair should match Volke’s size, and the helmet shouldn’t be so… obstruct-y… but otherwise it’s pretty cool!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the artwork. Maybe I’ll look into getting art made of the other characters at some point. o.o

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