Seattle Book Review Gives My Novel 5 Stars

Exciting news, everyone!

The Seattle Book Review has given my flintlock fantasy, DREAD PIRATE ARCANIST, a 5/5 score! I’m super thrilled, and stoked, and I just can’t stop smiling, you guys! 😀

I would liken Stovall’s “Frith Chronicles” to those of the “Harry Potter” series, the “Maze Runner” series, or the “Percy Jackson” series. The style of her writing really makes you feel for the characters, even if you haven’t gone through exactly the same situations as they have. I would recommend this series to both younger and older adults who enjoy the adventure of fantasy, and following a well thought out story of good versus evil, with all the other emotions thrown in for the ride.

Seattle Book Review

Did I also mention it has an amazing audiobook? You guys should totally check it out! I’ll even leave the first chapter here as a sample – I hope you all enjoy!

A Celebration of Griffins

I hope everyone continues to enjoy! 😀

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