5-Star Reviews

Nothing gets me happier these days than finding people who enjoy my work.

Intellectually I understand that my writing will not be for everyone. There are tons of novels where I read the description and think, “I would hate this.” I’m sure there are people who read my stuff and think the same thing.

I get it. Entertainment is subjective. Some people like anime, and some people like Downton Abbey. Some people hate both.

So finding people on the same wavelength is definitely a special moment. Recently, I’ve received lots of positive comments, and because this is my blog, I want to post them and share in the delight. Perhaps you think this is arrogant or unbecoming, but in truth, it’s more of a “isn’t this amazing? Let’s all celebrate” type of moment.

If I could, I would buy everyone a beer and a pizza and call it a party. But seriously, reviews like these really lift my spirits. While I write, I sometimes think, “I hope the reader likes this part!” I aim to please, so it’s great when that actually pays off.

So, take a look at these. All from Dread Pirate Arcanist, my latest release.

I wrote the Frith Chronicles because I wanted to do fun adventure.

I love fun adventure! I love How to Train Your Dragon, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Avatar: the Last Airbender (all of which I would consider some of my top “action adventure” series). They’re so enjoyable, and positive, and great–I just wanted to add my voice to pile and say, “here is my fun adventure series, I hope you enjoy!”

Some people don’t like it (they like my Star Marque or Ethereal Squadron stories better) but that’s okay. Like I said, people don’t need to like everything I do, I just like when I find people who are also excited. It really makes my day.

So, if you enjoy my stuff, let me know and I’ll have to buy you a beer and a pizza. ;p

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