Writing Update [10/4/19] + Facebook Group

Hey, hey, hey!

It’s been a productive month or so from whenever I wrote my last wiring update. >.>

First things first! I want to announce that I’ve started a Facebook Group. That’s right. A place to talk about my books, the writing process, successes, releases, and above all else–fantasy and sci-fi media. I’m talking books, movies, and video games. I love all that stuff, and if I’m going to engage in a community, I hope you all love that stuff, too. :3

I call it: Shami Stovall’s Capital Station Lounge!

Okay, enough of that. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty about writing. Here is where all my writing is currently at:

Ethereal Squadron is getting an audiobook! It’s hitting the shelves in a few short weeks.

Ethereal Squadron 2 is set for release on November 19th! It, too, will have an audiobook ON THE DAY OF RELEASE! Wowsers! 😀

Star Marque Rising 2 is currently about 30% done. Due to problems with the publisher/distributor, I’ve put off working on this one. However, I intend to get it done as soon as possible. I’m super excited to continue Demarco’s crazy journey for vengeance!

Coliseum Arcanist (the third book for my Knightmare Arcanist series) is currently about 20% completed. Lots of stuff with this one, too. We’re gonna have a tournament, dragons, other knightmares, an awkward dance party–it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait for this one.

Short stories! I intend to have the third short story for my magical wolf and blind cat series done before Ethereal Squadron 2 hits the shelves. I want to give this one away as part of the newsletter announcement.

The Half-Life Empire, my post-apocalyptic novel, is still under consideration with Baen Publishing. I really want to be published with them (they’re my favorite publishing house) but the wait has been notable. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed in the meantime.

I have a secret love for actual post-apocalyptic settings (with radiation, mutants, and all sorts of epic level destruction). Fallout is one of my favorite gaming franchises.


I hope you guys are still enjoying my writing. I intend to get you a lot more of it for the rest of the year, and then I intend for 2020 to be a fun time as well.

Stay tuned, and remember to join the Facebook Group if you’d like to see the cover for COLISEUM ARCANIST!