I Won an Award~! (The BRAG Medal)

Hello everyone!

Good news! I won the BRAG medal for my novel, KNIGHTMARE ARCANIST! (~yay~claps~cheering~)

So, the BRAG medallion is given to authors who score high enough from a group of random readers interested in the genre the book was published. Technically it’s more of an achievement than a competition, as the judges could award it to everyone who entered (in theory) but so far their their “pass rate” is less than 20%.

The people over at the BRAG group seem to be a nice bunch, and I would recommend fellow authors to submit their work. Winners are invited to a private Facebook group, and the BRAG community seems to be pro at getting the name of good authors/books out there.

Overall–I’m super happy to have won. My score card was very encouraging (it’s private, so I can’t post it, but the comments definitely made me want to get the sequel out fast.


DREAD PIRATE ARCANIST is now up on Amazon to pre-order! I hope you all enjoy!

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