Happy Birthday, Me! :D

Hey everyone! Today is a very special day.

That’s right. I’m talking about Vin Diesel’s birthday. He was born July 18th, 1967, and if you’ve seen the ridiculously terrible movie, Babylon AD, you’re probably aware of his glorious physique.

Glorious, glorious physique.


And it’s also my birthday, LOL.

That’s right! Vin Diesel and I share the same birthday. No wonder I like him so much. We both play DnD, and we’re both Cancers. Obviously we’d be best friends!

This year I’ll likely be doing some fun activities with all my friends (including grown-up things, like laser tag or escape rooms). My REAL party will happen on the 26th, when Fire Emblem: Three Houses finally releases. I’ve been waiting for that game for years now. I’m going to play it to death.


Until then, I’ll be finishing up DREAD PIRATE ARCANIST and kicking it with friends.

Anyone else a Cancer? I feel like a lot of people are born in the summer…