Writing Update [July 6th, 2019]

Hey peeps! For the last couple months I’ve been juggling a lot of aspects of being an author (marketing, writing, editing, audiobooks, etc.) but I really want to focus on getting new stories out.

Right now, I have a few projects in the works.

STAR MARQUE VENDETTA is 30% done, and I’m still aiming for it to be released later this year. I adore this story, but science fiction is much harder to write than pure adventure stuff. I do a lot of research, and the sci-fi I always compare myself to was so good I feel like I can’t do it half-ass, if that makes any sense.

DREAD PIRATE ARCANIST is about 75% done and will definitely be out by the end of September. I love adventure, and this is easier to get words on the page. I also really love stories that start smaller and move onto something epic and grand. I’m excited for this, and I hope you guys are too.

COMPANY OF MONSTERS (Ethereal Squadron 2) is 100% done. I don’t know when this will come out, but I’ve given it to TCK Publishing. We’ll see.

THE HALF-LIFE EMPIRE is 100% done and is currently under consider at Baen Publishing. I’ll let you all in on a secret: the only publishing house I care for is Baen. Sure, the others are big and fancy, but Baen has all the books and authors I’ve loved over the years. It’s my wish (like a bucket wish type of thing, lol) that they pick up one of my novels.

Cross your fingers for me! I want them to take Half-Life Empire because it’s pretty epic. It’s a sci-fi post-apocalyptic, but imagine that with super advanced tech in the wastelands, and sophisticated aliens that were stranded on Earth after the devastating war. Cool stuff, I promise!

If Baen doesn’t pick this up, it’ll be published with Capital Station Books. If that’s the case, it’ll likely come out near the end of the year (which will be cool).

Lots of books! After this, I’ll be writing STAR MARQUE REDEMPTION and COLISEUM ARCANIST, which will be lots of fun.

Oh, I’m also planning on writing a Star Marque novella about Endellion before she formed the crew. I wrote up her backstory a long time ago, and when I was re-reading it I thought “Damn, this would make for a good book” so I hope you all enjoy that too, haha.

Anyway, I’ll leave you all with this quote. Happy reading/writing!