The Witcher–Netflix Version–Leaked Images

In case you’re unaware, The Witcher is a series of video games based on a series of novels that tell the tale of Geralt, a witcher, who makes his living hunting monsters in a fantasy land loosely based on Poland, but with elves.

Geralt is a badass, just FYI.

Anyway, the books are famous, but no where near as famous as the critically acclaimed video game series (and is how I know the character and story, to be honest). I’m a fan, I think the games are great, and I love Geralt’s loner-womanizing-monster-hunting-antics. If you love high fantasy, high-energy tales of kick-assery, I would totally recommend you give the games a try.

Recently, Netflix annouced they’d be making a TV show out of this. I’m scared, mostly because Netflix has a terrible, TERRIBLE track record of adapting things to live action. It’s so bad, in fact, the interest considers it a meme.

You get the picture.

One of those memes is real, by the way. The other two are jokes (neither of them Netflix has touched… yet.)

However, Netflix is already proving the meme correct with their adaption of the Witcher. Take a look at these on-set pictures!

On the left, we have the video game. On the right, we have a melted trash bag.

Yikes. Netflix, you’re drunk. Go home and think over what you’ve done.

But seriously–who thought the trash bag armor was appropriate? It looks… very bizarre. And not in a good way. It doesn’t even look fantastical; it looks like someone trying to cosplay the Witcher on $20 and a bag of chips.

Here’s some more.

Jeez, even the sword looks wonky.

Maybe high-fantasy tales shouldn’t be adapted by Netflix. Can we all agree on that? Or maybe we should just move on to animation. I love animation! Animate this and it would be great. You can have as much armor or magic as you want with animation.

Oh, well. Hopefully the actors and actresses give us a stunning performance. I’ll still watch the first couple episodes with that hope in mind.