Shouldn’t Spiderman’s Friends be 5 Years Older?


But seriously, the newest trailer for Spiderman: Far From Home just hit, and the only question I have is: aren’t all of his friend half a decade older than him? In Endgame, he was missing for 5 years due to being wiped from existence. Then he returned, but they made sure not to revert the time in the world (so Iron Man could keep his daughter).


Doesn’t that mean all of Spiderman’s old friends would be 5 years older than him?

Well, it turns out one of the directors already answered that question! Although I think this is a bit unlikely, all of Peter’s friends were dusted along with him.


At least everyone gets to age together, though! Happy endings for all. Now check out the trailer!

2 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Spiderman’s Friends be 5 Years Older?

    1. And I totally acknowledge it’s possible that all Spiderman’s friends could have disappeared, it seems a bit unlikely – however, if the movie addresses that (and gives this answer) I will be satisfied. :3


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