Avengers: Endgame [Reactions]

TL;DR – 8.5/10, it’s good

When I was young, I read a lot of comic books. I grew to love certain characters long before the thousands of MCU movies. As a matter of fact, I have to admit a bias. I never saw any of the Thor movies because I disliked his comics. I went to see Iron Man and Captain America with bizarre expectations.

What I’m trying to say is: I like superheroes.

I was one of those weirdos who knew who Thanos was before they introduced him in the movies. I remembered his romance with death from the comics, but I knew that would never happen in the movies. Still, I was eager to see what they would do.


First off, the movie started on a depressio note. I know why — the last movie ended with half the cast dying and now we need to resolve that. The “five years later” was a little shocking, and I honestly didn’t think they would show Iron Man with a kid, but there you go.

Secondly, I figured time travel would be involved given the “time stone.” Surprisingly though, they used Ant-Man time travel. What I didn’t like about this was the vagueness and weird inconsistencies.

(1) When Ant-Man kept saying “we only have so many Pinn molecules for a single round trip!” all I could think was “if you’re in the past, why not get more?” They DID do that, but it made Ant-Man’s blubbering all the more irritating.

(2) When they brought Gamora back from the past, and incorporated her into the present, it proved they could make duplicates of people. Black Window could be brought back. Iron Man could be brought back. Everyone could — they just needed to get them out of the past and bring them into the present.

(3) Why didn’t the group get Vision from the past? After getting the Pinn molecules, they could go back as many times as they want. Seems like a missed opportunity that no one mentioned, not even Scarlet Witch.

Thirdly, while I liked that Iron Man got a full arc (going from the most selfish person in the team, to the most selfless in the end) I wasn’t as thrilled with Captain America’s end. I know they wanted to reunite him with his one and only love, but I feel like he never should’ve come back to the present.

Captain America should’ve given his shield to Sam, said, “this time needs a Captain America, but so does the time I come from.” Then nodded to Bucky and they both should’ve gotten in the time machine. They’re both from the past, and they should’ve gone back there, maybe give us a few flashes of how happy they were, but otherwise no old man stuff. They went home. They were happy.

It’s weird Captain America left Bucky after everything he did for the man.

Otherwise, the movie was great. I enjoyed the fights, I enjoyed the conclusion — I even liked the fact a past version of Thanos came back to do his deed even greater. All of that was amazing, and if you’ve seen even half of the MCU, you’ll want to see this.

Well… as long as you can get tickets. o.o