Wisdom Teeth Removal + Writing

First off: you shouldn’t write while you’re heavily medicated.

That’s my free advice, kids! Take it to the bank. :3

But seriously–just in case you didn’t know, I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple days ago. It was worse than a normal removal because my bottom teeth were sideways and the roots were hooked into my inferior alveolar nerve.

Sideways wisdom teeth.

The dentist told me I would likely have permanent nerve damage after the procedure. He said it wouldn’t effect my speech or my smile, but I would lose feeling to my lower jaw and lips. He said most people can recover (after 6 months to a year) and regain feeling, but that there was a real possibility I wouldn’t ever have proper sensation ever again.

Did I mention I have a fear of dentists? Long before this wisdom tooth problem, by the way. This news did not go down well.

Plus, if I didn’t get them removed, the teeth would impact all the other ones and destroy the roots to my lower teeth. Fantastic.

Fortunately, the surgery went better than expected. They woke me up and said, “Everything is perfect. Your nerves are fine, just a little bruised. You’ll have no damage what so ever!” and then they gave a shit ton of drugs and sent me on my way.

I thought, “Oh, I can get a lot of writing done! Perfect. I’ll settle in and bang out a chapter or two.”


Trust me when I say, writing on drugs is like writing drunk. Here are a couple beautiful sentences I typed out while loopy:

“Like the sky, up and winter.”

“He hadn’t consider such thing as to why.”

“Shore enough.”

Just… terrible. I guess it’s good for a laugh now, but all that time writing is better deleted than salvaged. Hopefully you all can learn from my lesson. Don’t have wacky wisdom teeth, and don’t write while on crazy medication.