Author Interview


I recently participated in an author interview with Many Books. We talked about genetic engineering and the future of science fiction. It was a great time, and I think you should definitely check it out.

Here are two of the questions asked:

Please give us a short introduction to what Star Marque Rising is about.

Star Marque Rising is a science fiction adventure novel about a hyper-talented criminal (Clevon Demarco) turning his life around while working on an enforcer ship. He quickly discovers the captain might be too ambitious for her own good and finds himself faced with a few life-or-death decisions. Lots of fun, lots of gruff-guy-finds-his-home-in-the-universe-among-a-unique-crew type of thing.

What inspired you to set your story in a superhuman-dominated society?

I really like stories that involve genetic manipulation. It fascinates me to think of a world where some people have “evolved” beyond being human—and what that means for the rest of humanity.

Like I said, check it out! And if you’re an author, reach out to them! Author interviews are a great way to talk about your story without pushing it on ever