The Ethereal Squadron – New Release!

My novel, THE ETHEREAL SQUADRON, the first in a new fantasy series, is available now! (*internal screaming*)


It’s 1916, and the world is on fire.

The Great War has already consumed much of the globe, but a second, secret war between sorcerers threatens to crack it in two. The ruling families of Germany and Austria-Hungary, those with the chill of magic in their blood, will stop at nothing in their quest for power, and they’ve drawn the entire world into a bloody war because of it.

But Florence Cavell—codename Geist—means to stop them. She had to defy her family, cut her hair, and disguise herself as a man to join the legendary Ethereal Squadron: a joint US-UK division of the allied powers’ mightiest sorcerers. Armed with her powerful specter sorcery, which allows her to “ghost” through bullets and barbed wire alike, Geist fights a tireless battle to end the war once and for all.

Fans of Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, Airborn by Kenneth Oppel, Shadow Ops: Control Point by Myke Cole, and The Roar by Emma Clayton will love this book.

The Ethereal Squadron is for anyone who likes reading about:

Strong female protagonists

Military fantasy

Historical fantasy

World War I

Adventure stories

The Ethereal Squadron_study18-enhanced

I love this novel.

Lots of World War I, lots of team building, lots of action, lots of adventure–the novel is jam-packed with epicness. I can’t wait for everyone to read it. And if you pick it up, give me shout in the comments! I’ll add you to my end of the year Amazon giftcard giveaway! (This is for people who have signed up to my newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up yet, now is a good time! I give away lots of stuff and point people to legit giveaways all the time!)