Writing Science Fiction


I love science fiction. It’s been my favorite genre ever since I knew there were genres. My favorite novel, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, is a thought-provoking adventure I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Why do I like science-fiction so much? I think I’ve read more fantasy novels, after all. But they never have leave the same impact–something about a genre focused purely on the realistic “what if?” excites me unlike anything else. Stories of humanity’s greatness (or downfall) paint a picture made up of questions, and I love every moment.

Someday, we could all be in space. We could have worm holes. Or an odd type of time travel. And the ways these are used to tell a more deep and impactful story is also brilliant in its own right.

Seriously, I can’t gush about this genre enough!

The Joys of Writing Science Fiction

I like to think humanity is generally made up of good people. If I throw a rock into a crowd, there’s a 90% I’ll hit someone with good intentions, which is why I tend more toward sci-fi with space-traveling technology–something where humans transcend themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I love some post-apocalyptic stuff as well, but nothing excites me more than those space ships and Dyson Spheres.

It’s because I can paint humanity in the light I see it–brilliant and without limitation. It’s so much fun to imagine grand conquest and voyages out on the black tides of space! Who wouldn’t want to live those lives and see those sights? It’s like the Age of Exploration all over again. Everything is new and exciting, and you never know what’s around the corner.

Space Opera

My latest novel, STAR MARQUE RISING, finally got it’s cover. It’s beautiful and I’m without words (which is ironic, considering how many words I write in a day). I finally get to contribute to the genre I love so much. Maybe I won’t have the reach of Heinlein, but my words will be in the same genre–in the same bookshelf–waiting to ignite a passion for sci-fi, like Strange in a Strange Land did for me.



If you have a passion for science-fiction, or know any novels that explore the badass nature of humanity, please send them my way. I want to enjoy this genre for the rest of my life–in any form it takes.