Opening to a Novel

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to take the opening paragraph to a few of my works and set them side by side. Are they engaging? Did the first sentence set the mood? Sometimes I just like to see how far I’ve come by putting them in chronological order. o.o

[Opening] Knightmare Acanist (Fantasy)

Every ten years the fledgling phoenixes on the Isle of Ruma bond with a few chosen mortals to embark on a journey to the mainland. A decade ago, during the last phoenix bonding, and on my seventh birthday, my mother pled the belly to avoid execution. A claim of pregnancy always resulted in the criminal’s deportation. Although that was the last time I saw my mother, at least I didn’t have to witness her being thrown into the bay. There was always a silver lining if you looked hard enough.

[Opening] Half-Life Empire (Sci-Fi)

I snuck into the silver mines through a hidden fissure in the rocks, my heart beating against my ribs as I slid from one shadow to the next. I stayed out of sight and avoided the guards, waiting for an opportunity to delve deeper.

[Opening] Star Marque Rising (Sci-Fi)

The dregs of Capital Station gathered for their blood sport, and I was more than happy to give them a show. Thousands squeezed themselves into makeshift stands built atop Section Six’s gas lines and water pipes. The foul odor of sweat and vomit lingered like a fog, but that didn’t deter the crowds. I doubted anyone would miss a battle royale, considering good entertainment was hard to come by.

[Opening] Vice City (Thriller)

Getting hit with a wrench hurts. I know for a fact—I’ve had my jaw broken twice by thugs swinging them around—which is why I cringe every time Pete and Brisko land a blow. The crunch of bone and the wet splat of blood on the warehouse floor fill the otherwise silent atmosphere.