Life Problems and Writing

I write this half for myself and half advice for anyone else experiencing the same thing.

When I’m depressed and hurting, it showing in my writing. I can’t help it. My thoughts go to dark places, and my imagination focuses in on the negative. A scene with a happy family suddenly turns into family drama. A romance subplot becomes a murder subplot. A character I loved transforms into an asshole.

And then the negativity becomes a feedback loop. I’m unhappy, then I write unhappy, and the sad scene gets me even unhappier and then I can never escape. The whole story transforms into a tragedy.

However, I’m aware of this, and knowing is half the battle, right? Well, knowing about it allows me to combat the problem. When I feel depressed or upset, I turn to my favorite comedies. I especially love The Office and I binge watch a few episodes before writing. The humor and levity get me in good spirits, and for a short while, my writing is back on track.

Now, this won’t solve my problems, and I need to handle my life before I commit to things like writing a novel, but being a good mood helps.

If you find yourself in a terrible mood–I’m sorry. I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody, but know that everything is temporary. If you want to write, and you don’t want your bad mood to effect your words, I highly recommend a good laugh.


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