Aeon Writers: The Hunt

Wow, good news! Two of my short stories are in Aeon Writers Anthology: The Hunt!

It’s all about stories with hunters and the hunted. I have a story with magical wolves! And another with robots! Check out these descriptions!


A wolf within an ancient shadow-magic pack will be banished unless he returns successful from the night’s hunt. On the verge of ending his own life, the Moon Goddess answers his prayer for purpose.


Emma, a long-distance starship engineer, gives the planet crawling equipment made-up personalities and stories to help pass the time while alone in space. When the equipment springs to life and attempt to end hers, she scrambles to contact another maintenance ship for help.


I’m super excited! Short story writing is a tiny art onto itself and I’m super glad to be part of anthology. Please, check it out if you have time! It would mean the world.