Top 3 Favorite Character Types

There are some character archetypes that I can’t get enough of. They share similar traits–but they’re traits I love–and no matter the medium, if there’s a character like any on this list, they instantly become my favorite.

What are they? Let’s start with number 3!

3. The Sarcastic Nerd

I really like this character, no matter where I find him/her. Usually they’re in modern computer hacker movies, or thriller novels, but the sarcastic nerd always makes me smile. I love the quips, and I generally relate the most to nerd problems/hermit lifestyle choices.

In generally, I love the intelligent, think-outside-the-box, type of characters. They pique my interest more than other characters, and (out of the three character types on this list) I think I’m most like this character.

2. The Jaded Mentor

I love grizzled old war veterans that reluctantly come out of retirement to train a new rookie. Or a once champion boxer that witnesses a kid in the ring and takes them under his wing.

The jaded mentor feels like someone who’s given up on life (and most likely ready for death) but turns it all around when there’s a call to pass down their skills to the next generation. I especially love this character when they have romantic feelings for the one they’re training, but that’s more of a sub-plot I gravitate toward, and nothing to do with the character, per se.

1. The Anti-Hero

I love me some anti-heroes.

Any character that finds redemption, really. Especially if they were once on the “bad” or “evil” side of the equation.

I think my love for this character type started with the show Dragonball Z. I used to watch it as a kid (way too much, probably) and one character in particular became my favorite. He’s an anti-hero prince that, while once an enemy, joins the heroes after they rescue him. From then on, he’s gruff and hard to deal with, but he fights for what’s right, starts a family, and considers the good guys his true friends.

Very corny, I know, but I like to think that “being good” is a better lifestyle choice than “being evil.” And I like to think that, if people gave it an honest chance, they would agree. I also like to think that most people yearn for honesty, trust, and integrity, and will strive to become those things when surrounded by it themselves.

Really, the anti-hero represents (in my eyes) the good in all humanity. He/she is proof that anyone could change, if they really wanted to, and I like imagining that people would. In general, the anti-hero is someone seeking redemption for past crimes by stepping up to the plate and shouldering the responsibilities of a hero.

They truly are my favorite character archetype.

What about you? Any favorite character types?

Well, until next time!